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I wrote what follows this paragraph a few years back, just after COVID.  I do want to keep it.  Jacques is elsewhere as is our dear friend Kevin Dunn.  Bryan is pursuing a solo career.  I miss all of these guys.  I must introduce Ramon Badell, on congas and vocals; he hails from Caracas, Venezuela and brings a latin flavor.  I gotta brag on Ramon a bit:  He was elected and inducted into the Kansas music HALL OF FAME for his work with the salsa group SON VENEZUELA.


I hope everybody weathered the storm.  It's been a tough year and more, but the sun is starting to shine again.  Venues are starting to open up.  We'll never be able to go back to where we once were, and my heart aches for those who had to say goodbye to a friend or a loved one.  But here we are.  And I'm glad for that.  And just where is that? Well, I've been playing some solo gigs this year, and also playing with other musicians, really great ones.  In addition to the solo work, there's duo and trio configurations at various venues--and a full band.  We go by the name, OUT ON WORK RELEASE.   I've teamed up with Larry Carver, a fine electric guitarist at many Durango venues; sometimes my good friend, Glenn Unrath, a great bassman from Milwaukee, joins me; sometimes Kevin Dunn, hailing from Cocoa Beach, Florida, accompanies with an excellent mandolin; another Floridian from Tampa,  Skipper Thomas, plays a tasty violin; Bryan Reese, from Iowa and lately Austin, joins us on percussion with OUT ON WORK RELEASE.  Jacques Grant is an extraordinary musician; he plays acoustic leads on his Taylor.  Mike Dearman is our Memphis connection.  He blows the Mississippi saxophone for us.  He gained his chops on the harp playing Beale Street for years.  With heavy heart, we lost Diamond Dave our conga player to Covid complications.  We will miss him.  We recorded a live CD last summer, OUT ON WORK RELEASE:  FIRST SET, available when we perform.  

And then there's me.  Welcome to my web site.  Let me ramble a bit...I hope you enjoy what you see and you are pleased with what you hear.  I'm an acoustic guitarist, (although I have been in various electric blues bands over the years), a blues player and folk singer, a finger picker, a strummer, who grew up on Bob Dylan's early music, on blues, and on folk music.


I'm available as a solo act, duo, or trio--as well as OUT ON WORK RELEASE for bookings at bars, restaurants, private parties, and festivals.  I adhere to professionalism when performing.  I'm writing in first person but also speak for all the musicians I play with.  Like servers and bartenders, I deliver my best to your customers when I perform.  I play acoustic Americana music--blues, folk, country, rock, and originals--with my interpretation and from the heart.  With the Bose sound system I use, my volume level and tone is always tastefully set for all environments and venues.  For bookings contact me at or call me at 970-946-2883 for available dates.  I have CDs for sale.  My second CD, TOOLS OF MY FATHERS, is available for purchase, as well as my third,  AFTER THE RAIN.  My latest CD, THESE OLD MOUNTAINS is finally out after working on it bits and pieces starting in 2016 and finishing at the turn of 2018.    A bunch of fine local musicians sat in on different tunes.  T'was fun working with them.  Click the icon above for further information.



and AFTER THE RAIN  Available here !                                                                       Click Here -> 




 I play a variey of music at my shows:  Townes Van Vandt, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Guy Clark, Jonny Cash, Bill Withers, Jimmy Buffett, Robert Johnson, Muddy, Elmore and Skip James,  Big Bill Broonzy, Beatles, Stones, John Prine, Bo Diddley, John Fogerty, George Strait, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dave Van Ronk, Van Morrison, Blind Faith, Hank Williams, Rev. Gary Davis, Clapton, Animals, Harry Nilsson, Gordon Lightfoot, John Haitt, James Taylor, Ian Tyson, Eagles, Tim Harden, The Band,Roger Miller, Randy Newman, JJ Cale, Tom Waits, Stevie Ray, BB, Paul Simon, Steve Stills, Willie Dixon, T Bone Walker, Tom Paxton, among others, including my original songs. 







I live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado; it's a beautiful place to live, raise kids, create music.  Here's venues I've played in the Four Corner's Area:

In Pagosa Springs, Colorado

 DSP                                    The Buffalo Inn               

 The View                             The Office

  Kips                                    On The Rocks

  JJ's                                     Pagosa Brewery

  The Bear Creek                   The Springs              WOLFE Brewing CO                     Resort

  The Backroom Wine Cellar   BogeyQ's BBQ

  The San Juan Roadhouse     Montezuma            Rez Hill Grill                            Vineyards

   The Riff Riff Brewing Company


In Durango, Colorado

The Office Spiritorium        The Diamond Belle               

 Moe's Starlight Lounge      The Balcony Bar                                                                 and Grill     
Desperados                       The 8th Avenue                                                                      Tavern

  The Animas River Cafe     Serious Texas BBQ

 Scootn'Blues                     Bondad Hill Saloon

 Derailed Pour House          6512' Restaurant &                                                                Lounge

Other venues in Colorado   

 Kips in Creede     La Taqueria        

 The Shaft in South Fork    

 The State Highway Roadhouse and Theater in Buena Vista, Colorado

 The Seven Rivers Steakhouse at The Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio, Colorado

The Peacock Saloon (South Fork)

Borde Rio

Mountain Pizza and Taproom


In New Mexico
Rubio's in Aztec

 Evangelos in Santa Fe


In Utah

 The Cafe Galleria in Midway

 The BluPig in Moab


I am always willing to travel if my busy schedule allows....


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